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3 Reasons to Install a Humidifier this Winter

Although it’s still fairly warm in Macon, GA, you can expect lower temperatures all too soon as fall winds down. Winters here are typically less humid, which may sound good at first compared to muggy summer days. However, dry air has many adverse effects, so you may want to consider our reasons to install a humidifier this winter.

Save Money on Heating Bills

Moist air retains more heat than dry air, so your home will be warmer if you simply install a humidifier and use it during the winter months. This also reduces the strain on your heater, so you are less likely to need repairs. It also lengthens its lifespan! Not to mention, all that money you save on the bills can go to holiday gifts or charities.

Decrease the Likelihood of Sickness

Dry air plays a role in spreading sicknesses like colds and the flu, as well as seasonal allergies. Moist air, however, lubricates your nasal passages and decreases the likelihood of getting sick in the wintertime. Humidifiers are an effective solution to this problem. These handy devices will bring you good health throughout the dry and cold winter months.

Protect your Home

Wood tends to expand in low humidity and contract when the air is moist. This can be a nightmare if you live in a home with wooden door and window frames, as well as other fixtures made of wood. Leather furniture is also at risk of cracking in dry air. Protect your wooden cabinets, frames and other fixtures, as well as any leather furniture, by stabilizing the humidity level in your house with a humidifier!

Don’t let dry air get you sick or even destroy your belongings this winter. Instead, you can install a humidifier and save money on your heating bills! If you are interested in installing a humidifier in Macon this winter, you can call our pros at 678-614-3772 for more information.