Heating and Air Conditioning in Macon, GA

AC maintenance checklist

An air conditioning maintenance examination will include the following:

  • Thermostat assessment –  The technician will check the settings making sure they are keeping your home comfortable. 
  • Electrical connections – The technician will check all the electrical connections to make sure they are snuggly connected, and the voltage is reading correctly. 
  • Lubricate –  The technician will lubricate all moving parts to assure there isn’t any resistance. Resistance in air conditioning means the system is working harder and that is costing you in utilities. 
  • Condensation Drain – The technician will check the condensation drain to make sure it is clear of any clogs or other obstruction.
  • General operation – The technician will make sure the system is starting, running, and cutting off as it should. 
  • Outdoor unit – The technician will check the outdoor unit to make sure there isn’t any debris or dirt sucked up on the coils. They will check for any leaks of coolant or oil at the connections.  
  • The Fan – The technician will check the fan blades and motor for any damage. 
  • Air filter  –  The technician will change or clean the air filter if needed to keep a good air flow quality. 
  • Clean coils – The technician will clean the condenser and evaporator coils. This step in air condition maintenance ensures your unit to work as efficient as possible.
  • Check refrigerant – The technician will check to make sure the proper level of refrigerant is in the unit, adding if needed. This step of air condition maintenance is a safeguard in proper operation of your unit. 

Is it necessary to service AC every year?

inspection and annual heating maintenance and inspection. Is it really necessary? Probably not until your system reaches its 10th anniversary. By that point, you may need to consider the twice a year appointment to make sure your system is in top condition. 

How often should you have your air conditioner serviced?

As we just mentioned, when it comes to your ac maintenance, how often is really up to you, but experts and manufacturers recommend at least one a year for air conditioning maintenance and inspection in the spring and heater maintenance and inspection in the fall.  

How much does AC maintenance cost?

Our immediate answer could be, “Cheaper than replacing the unit.”, but we’ll advise you that typically, a regular air conditioning maintenance service will cost as little as $75 and up to $200. This would give you a basic inspection and tune up. 

What if you skip getting the annual inspection and your system quits working one hot summer night? You can expect to pay as much as $150 per hour for the technician service all plus the expense of what they do and any parts needed. 

2. Energy Efficiency
Part of the air conditioning maintenance process includes inspecting the entire system and cleaning the blades, cooling coils, and other key components. When these areas are clean, the system works easier and pulls less electricity.

3. Better Comfort
With a preventative air conditioning maintenance visit, the skilled technicians inspects all components carefully and advises the customer of any issues or problems that need repair or replacing. When all the components are in proper working order, the home is more comfortable all around.

4. Fewer Service Calls, Fewer Repairs
Regular air conditioning maintenance allow a technician the opportunity to find small issues and repair them before they become expense problems. 

5. Longer Lifespan
Preventative air conditioning maintenance will keep your system in top working order correctly so that it can last longer.

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