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Air Conditioner Repair: DIY Fixes vs. Professional Services

Simple HVAC DIY Tasks


Before your air conditioning unit reaches dire straits, there are certainly several “DIY” maintenance chores you can do to keep your HVAC system functioning at maximum efficiency. These tasks include the following:

    • Cleaning or changing your system’s air filter regularly–every 2-3 months is recommended.
    • Clean out debris like sticks, dust, and leaves from around the exterior unit.

Checking these chores off of your to-do list can help increase and solidify the longevity of your HVAC system, keeping you from facing a complete system shutdown in the heat of summer or dead of winter. These simple maintenance tasks safeguard you against having to take time off work to schedule a visit from a technician or deal with an unexpected expense for a complete system replacement. DIY skills are incredibly useful when it comes to air conditioner upkeep, but not so much when it comes to complicated repairs.


Why Hire a Professional?


HVAC technicians are equipped with the latest and greatest in tools and technology for all of your system’s big fixes. When it comes to emergency air conditioner repair, you should always reach out to a trusted professional before a DIY attempt makes matters worse for your unit.

You may even save yourself a few dollars in the long run, as buying parts from a retail storefront on your own can get pretty pricey very quickly. HVAC professionals can buy tools and parts wholesale, saving you the headache of bargain shopping for low-quality repair parts. Additionally, an uninformed DIY mistake could lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs down the road.

Another important factor when it comes to air conditioning repair is safety. Air conditioning systems are a complicated mixture of electrical and mechanical components, and without proper training, they can pose serious personal injury. Professional HVAC technicians are well-educated, highly trained, and specially qualified to deal with these units safely.


When to Call an HVAC Technician


If you experience a shutdown of your unit or if it appears to be working poorly or improperly, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Oftentimes, we can troubleshoot over the phone to eliminate minor and quick fixes. Depending on what issue you’re having, we can guide you in resetting the unit, ensuring the area around your outdoor unit is clear, and making sure your filters are clean and properly installed.

If we suspect you’re having a larger issue that cannot be fixed through our coaching and your DIY expertise, we will send a technician out to diagnose your unit. We never mind visiting your home for a repair or maintenance issue, but we always aim to save you time and money if the issue can be resolved without our expertise.

If your unit isn’t working during the hottest or coldest time of year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away. We know uncomfortable weather is made worse with a non-working unit, and we always want to keep you as comfortable as possible inside your home.


Air Conditioner Repair from Total Comfort


If your HVAC unit isn’t working properly, save yourself the stress of trying to DIY a solution. Instead, get in touch with the air conditioner repair professionals at Total Comfort Cooling and Heating. In and around Macon, GA, our team is the go-to for AC repair, maintenance, replacement, and more.

Total Comfort is here to help empower you with the knowledge to properly maintain your HVAC system, but you can always trust our experienced professionals to handle air conditioner repairs. Contact us today to find out more about our services and who we are.