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Are You Doing Your AC Unit Inspections Wrong?

Thousands, if not millions of homeowners in America are not using AC unit inspections the way they were intended to be used. If you’re wondering how that’s possible and how you can better take advantage of them in the future, you’re in luck! Here are three ways to better take advantage of your AC unit inspections. 

Inspection Tip #1: Get a Second Opinion

Too many homeowners follow the first recommendation their serviceman provides without questioning it. The sad truth is many HVAC companies are not trustworthy. The typical way to spot a crooked “salesman” is when they immediately suggest replacement or upgrades without going through your other options. You don’t have to take the first professional opinion you receive as gospel.

Schedule AC Unit Maintenance Before Your Home is in Crisis and You’ll Likely Save Money.

Inspection Tip #2: Don’t Wait for a Crisis

Many, if not the majority of homeowners don’t schedule an HVAC unit inspection until there’s a huge problem with their system. Regular system checkups will uncover minor problems before they require significant repair costs. If you wait for an emergency, you’ll be less inclined to seek another opinion or research other replacement options. Schedule your checkups once a year, or at least every two years.

Inspection Tip #3: Ask Questions and Start Planning

When they hear part of their HVAC system will need replacement in a few years, many homeowners stop asking questions and forget about it. If your inspector says your AC unit will stop working within five years, ask them about ideal replacement solutions. After all, your specialist likely knows the latest technology on the market. You can start saving now for that ideal replacement and not need to panic when the day arrives.

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