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Best Practices for Commercial AC Repair: A Business Owner’s Guide

Differences between Commercial and Residential Units


A commercial HVAC system provides heating and cooling inside larger establishments such as offices, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, shopping centers, and more. Commercial HVAC systems can be equipped with many specific and complex parts as needed in order to regulate temperatures inside a particular commercial establishment based on the particular business’s needs. Residential HVAC systems are typically quite simple and much smaller than commercial, as they usually service smaller areas and face fewer specific demands. Commercial HVAC systems are much larger than residential HVAC systems and are typically placed on the roof of a building rather than in the backyard, which is common for a residential system.


The Benefits of Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance


First things first, in order to avoid having to deal with any costly and time-consuming repairs, it is wise to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. At Total Comfort, we offer maintenance programs designed to keep your AC unit running at its highest level of energy efficiency. When you enroll in our maintenance programs, our experienced HVAC technicians will visit your business on a set schedule a few times throughout the year to inspect and address any potential problems with your HVAC system. With a personalized maintenance program in place, the most common causes of AC unit repairs can be avoided, and you will receive an accurate idea of the lifespan of your unit–rather than facing the discomfort and costliness of a surprise breakdown.


Common Commercial AC Unit Issues


At Total Comfort Macon, we believe in establishing not only loyal but fully-informed customers. For your knowledge and comfort as a business owner, here are a few of the most common commercial AC unit complications.

    • “Short Cycling” happens when the commercial HVAC system in question switches on and off too frequently. Often, short cycling is a product of the following core problems:
    • Refrigerant leaks– refrigerant fluid leaks often lead to warm air circulating through your vents as well as humidity problems.
    • Frozen Coils– sometimes a result of, you guessed it, refrigerant leaks. Coils can also freeze due to a lack of airflow through your system due to blockages or other malfunctions.
    • Faulty sensors can cause the entire system to malfunction for obvious reasons.
    • Leaky air ducts can also lead to an overworked system and decreased energy and cooling efficiency.

Your thermostat is the communication center of the entire system. If you have a thermostat malfunction, the rest of your commercial HVAC system will follow suit, leading to temperature inconsistencies and overwork.


Choosing The Right Commercial HVAC Service Provider


When facing commercial AC unit repairs, here are a few tips from our professionals for confidently choosing your preferred service provider as a business owner.

    • Review and verify company licenses and credentials– be sure they have insurance coverage.
    • Ask other business owners for recommendations.
    • Check up on their entire ‘menu’ of service offerings–you will want to choose a company that is full-service as this means they are well-versed in a wide variety of circumstances and experienced in complex repairs.
    • Request a quote or estimate. Note their response tone and level of transparency.


Managing Commercial AC Repair Costs


The reality of any HVAC repair situation for any business owner requires knowing that the cost of commercial AC repairs will be congruent with the quality of service you will receive. However, a service provider that is worth their salt will not charge you an arm and a leg for no good reason, nor will they tack on additional charges that deviate drastically from the initial quote provided. Finding a trustworthy, reliable, and reasonable provider is completely doable with proper research and due diligence.


Total Comfort HVAC Services


At Total Comfort, we offer pricing options that are consistent with the depth and complexity of the repairs needed, and our professionals provide themselves on full transparency through the entire process. We will work to keep you apprised to any issues we find and explain the repair process as we go. We believe in providing high-quality work without breaking the bank–after all, we are also a small business doing our best to support other small businesses in our area.

Ultimately, we know businesses must take into account all factors–time, resources, seasonal demands–in order to choose the best service provider. Because we are real people, too, we will always recommend doing your homework and receiving quotes from a few vendors before deciding on which company is best fit to service yours. However, we believe that our Total Comfort team will provide you, your business, and your clients with the best HVAC experience in the greater Macon area, and we look forward to taking care of you!