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Can I Do My Own Duct Cleaning?

Dirty air ventilator full of dust

Taking Care of Your Ducts

You don’t see them, but they are there, all over your home. We’re talking about the air ducts that keep the cool or warm air blowing into each room. And because you don’t see them, you probably don’t think about duct cleaning

Most homeowners don’t, but they do get dirty and with proper professional air duct cleaning, your home will be cleaner, and healthier, and your HVAC system will have a longer lifespan. So, to get started – do you really need to clean your ducts? The EPA tells us that air duct cleaning isn’t necessary and that the dust and other pollutants that can come from air ducts aren’t enough to be harmful to your health. They recommend air duct cleaning only as needed, and not on any specific routine schedule. 

So, when is duct cleaning necessary?

  • Air duct cleaning should be done when you notice there is a substantial amount of mold inside the hard surfaces of the ducts or the other components of the cooling and heating system. 
  • Air duct cleaning should be done professionally when you find an infestation of insects, rodents, or other vermin.
  • Air duct cleaning should be done when the air ducts are clogged with excessive debris, dirt, dust, or other particles that are released from the supply registers.

What is included in duct cleaning?  

If you’re considering professional air duct cleaning, make sure you ask questions about how air duct cleaning is done by the company. There are some companies that will just basically vacuum inside the ducts yet charge you for what should be a more thorough cleaning. A professional air cut cleaning service should include: 

  • The technicians assess the duct layout.
  • A HEPA vacuum is connected at a central location of the supply air duct that will have a high intense suction to all supply ducts, registers, and vents throughout your home.
  • The technicians will work at each vent or register to open with specialized equipment, tools, and high-pressure air that will loosen any compacted debris and move it to the main trunk line of the air duct system.
  • The technicians will clean the main trunk line with the HEPA vacuum system.
  • After verifying the supply duct is clear, the same process is done to the return ducts.

A comprehensive air duct cleaning service will include cleaning parts of the cooling and heating system that commonly get dirty. This will improve the efficiency of the HVAC system. The parts that are included in the cleaning with sanitizing agents and specialized equipment are: 

  • The indoor coil and evaporator coil.
  • The air handler blower assembly.
  • the condensation system, including the drain line/pipe and drain pan.

How long does duct cleaning take?

Air duct cleaning for a single-story home can usually be completed within four hours or less. However, a larger or older home – one with a larger number of ducts – can take longer. 

Can duct cleaning damage your ducts?

If an inexperienced technician performs an air duct cleaning process, they can damage flexible, insulated ducts with the equipment and not realize the damage has happened.

Will duct cleaning get rid of dust?

No, air duct cleaning will not rid your home dust, but it will minimize what comes from the ducts, along with dirt and other debris that gets trapped in the ductwork. This all helps the air filter do a better job. 

Can duct cleaning make you sick?

Well, it may be a surprise as we’re amid our current vaccine debate. The government is telling us to get vaccinated and most of the medical industry agrees with them. When it comes to air duct cleaning making homes healthier, the EPA branch of the government disagrees with medical research and studies that have different findings. 

The medical field is telling us that anyone that suffers from pulmonary and respiratory health conditions lives more comfortably and is healthier when air duct cleaning is performed. Air duct cleaning gets rid of the stuff that has been found to cause the “sick building syndrome”. This includes debris, dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, and more. 

Not sure who to believe? Then schedule an air duct cleaning and decide for yourself if it helps your family. If a year later your family is beginning to suffer from respiratory issues, get another duct cleaning service.