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Cleaning Air Ducts: When And Why?

When it comes to our homes, many times things exist that we never think about but really should. One great example of this involves cleaning the air ducts. Many things can build up in them that might prove detrimental to your health. If you care about air quality, you’ll want to take care of this. If you wonder why and when your air ducts should get cleaned, we’ve put together a quick overview:


If you suspect that you have mold growth within your air ducts, it needs to get taken care of. Mold can create all kinds of negative health effects in those that breath it in. Don’t let it happen to you.


Insects and rodents can make their homes inside your air ducts. When this happens, nature takes its course and you end up with feces everywhere. Obviously, you want to stop this before it starts.


One tell-tale sign you need your ducts clean comes when you actually see if coming out of your vents when the air conditioner turns on. Once this happens, you have already waited too long.

If you notice any of these three things, don’t wait to take advantage of Total Comfort Cooling & Heating’s air duct cleaning services. To find out more, speak with one of our qualified professionals at (478) 781-9107 for our Macon location or at (478) 275-4590 for our Dublin location.