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Decoding AC Unit Installation Costs: Factors and Financing Options

Type of Air Conditioning Unit

Unit types are the biggest differentiating factor when it comes to installation pricing. Unit types can range from split-system to central units, and they can differ in size, cooling capabilities, and energy-efficiency.

Specialty Units

At Total Comfort Heating & Cooling, we specialize in geothermal heating and air conditioning systems, which are cost-efficient and natural indoor climate control methods that utilize cool air from beneath the earth to keep your home comfortable. Geothermal system installation keeps costs low long term, making it a great alternative to traditional AC unit installation.

Our expert technicians also offer solar AC and heating repair and installation. This method of cooling may be a bit more costly in the initial installation phase; however, it saves immense power when your AC unit is not actively running. The stored solar energy from the panels we install will also sustain the energy requirements of other appliances, lights, and electronic devices in your home.

Size and Capacity

The bigger the size of your AC unit, the higher the equipment cost. However, the same is true for the other end of the spectrum. If you choose an AC unit that is too small for the intended space, installation costs may be lower, but long-term energy costs will make up for the difference as a small unit will overwork itself to cool a large space. Instead of guessing about the size and capacity you need, contact our professionals at Total Comfort Heating & Cooling for assistance in choosing the right unit for your space.

Current Ductwork and Ventilation

Something to consider when it comes to AC unit installation costs is existing ductwork and ventilation challenges that may present themselves. Each home is unique, and some more complex systems may require new ductwork installation in order to enable successful AC unit installation. Contact our professionals today for a preliminary inspection.

Installation Process

The installation process is an important step in getting your home comfortable again, and we want you to know what to expect. To start, we will schedule an initial inspection of your home. Our technicians are highly trained experts, well-seasoned in southern summer urgency. They will then evaluate, repair, replace, or install your HVAC system with precision and care. Finally, your family can rest easily and comfortably. You can choose to schedule routine maintenance checks with us as well to ensure the proper function of your AC unit following installation, which allows you to maximize the lifespan of your unit and make your investment go further.

Financing Options

After you have selected the appropriate unit and installation type for your home, your next question may be, “How can I make this even more affordable?” The good news is that we want to help you achieve that goal, too!

Even better news: you have several options. Some homeowners choose to finance their AC unit installation cost using a credit card or a home equity loan. Another potential option favored by homeowners is the use of a personal loan, as they typically have lower interest rates than credit cards and are often easier to qualify and apply for. Funds come through quickly once approved, and repayment terms are often flexible.

AC Installation with Total Comfort

Some financial institutions may even offer specific home improvement loans for new AC unit installation. We recommend reaching out to your lender of choice to determine which option is best for you. At Total Comfort Heating & Cooling, we strive to make obtaining true comfort as easy as possible. Contact us today to keep your family sleeping peacefully at night, sweat-free from financial stress and stifling Georgia summers.