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Does Cleaning Air Ducts Really Make a Difference?

What is duct cleaning?

With the world at large being concerned with the environment, but still comfortable in our homes, it has pushed home builders and door and window manufacturers to improve their techniques in providing products that conserve energy.  These processes and techniques have minimized cold and hot air from leaking, it also causes the air to be trapped inside our homes. 

This also traps contaminants, dust, and pollutants that are pulled into the HVAC system where they are re-circulated several times a day with the cooled and heated air. This re-circulated air causes a build-up inside the air ducts and this is where air duct cleaning can help. 

Aiduct cleaning involves specialized equipment and tools that dislodge debris, dirt, dust, and other contaminants that are blowing through the air duct system into your home. The equipment includes a high-powered vacuum that safely removes those particles from the air duct system and doesn’t allow them to release into the air. 

Why should ducts be cleaned, are there benefits to air duct cleaning? 

Your family and home will have the following benefits from professional air duct cleaning services: 


The air that circulates through the air ducts is the air that your family is breathing, including the contaminants like carbon monoxide, dust, pesticides, pet dander, and volatile chemicals that are pulled into the HVAC system and accumulate. 

Each time the air conditioning or heat turns on, these things that have accumulated inside the ductwork are blown throughout your home, resulting in your family members suffering from bronchial congestion and respiratory issues, resulting in coughs, scratchy eyes, sinuses, sneezing, etc. A professional air duct cleaning will remove those irritants and make the air inside your home healthier.


The accumulation of contaminants and dust particles can impede airflow through the air cuts, making the HVAC system work harder to keep your home cool or warm. The harder the system works, the more energy it is using. With routine air duct cleaning, you’ll keep that from happening and lower your energy bills. 


Anything you do inside your home is sucked up in the HVAC system and the air ducts. This includes cleaning products, cooking, painting, tobacco smoke, and mildew.  They become trapped and create stale odors that begin blowing through the air ducts and out the vents, creating unpleasant odors in your home. 

You can open windows, employ air fresheners, and light scented candles, but those odors won’t go away, they are just masked. Professional air duct cleaning can remove those contaminants, including any dead critters and insects that have found their way into the duct system. 


Dirty air ducts can cause a fire with dirt, lint, and other contaminants that have accumulated. This accumulation can become heated up, and ignite, causing a fire. Professional air duct cleaning eliminates this from happening. 


Because clogged and dirty air ducts cause the HVAC system to work harder, it shortens the lifespan of the system. With professional air duct cleaning done periodically, it will help the system not work as hard, extending its lifespan. 


With professional air duct cleaning, the air filters will have fewer contaminants and dirt collected, allowing them to work better and longer.

What are the potential hazards if air duct cleaning isn’t done?

There are several problems when you avoid having professional air duct cleaning performed: 

  • Energy efficiency is decreased 
  • Energy bills increased     
  • Airflow is restricted causing uneven cooling and heating
  • Restricted airflow causes the system to work harder
  • Heat exchanger rusts becoming a fire risk
  • Family members with allergies or asthma have an increase in illnesses
  • Home stays dusty and has unpleasant air

How much does duct cleaning typically cost? 

This can vary between cities and states, and from contractor to contractor. Call for professional air duct cleaning quotes and ask about their guarantee. Whatever the cost, compare this to the matters we’ve mentioned in this article, and you’ll find that it can eliminate other expenses, and lower your utilities, providing you with an ROI. 

In The End: Homeowner Insurance

A question many professional air duct cleaning services will ask is if homeowners’ insurance will pay for this service. The answer is typically no unless it was done due to a fire in the home. Every policy is different and you should review your policy for this possibility. 

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