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Effects of Winter on Solar Energy

We’re smack dab in the middle of Winter. People often ask the question “How does the winter season affect my solar panels?”. Here’s how solar energy works in the winter season:

How does the winter season affect solar power?

Solar panels actually take in more energy during the winter season. This is because solar panels are more productive in lower temperatures than in higher ones. Even so, overall energy production is less during the winter than the summer due to the difference in the number of hours of sunlight.

We only get about 10 solid hours of sunlight during the height of winter. In the height of summer, this goes up to about 14 solid hours. The extra energy from the cold weather isn’t enough to bridge the gap between those 4 extra hours of sunlight. Even so, all the excess energy during the summer months is stored up in batteries for any shortfall of energy during the winter.

Cloud coverage can block sunlight from reaching the panels, but this is true in summer as well as winter. Snow will also block sunlight if it’s piled on the panels, however panels are installed at a slant so the snow usually falls off quick. The reflected sunlight from the snow everywhere else can actually increase energy absorption.

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