Heating and Air Conditioning in Macon, GA

Emergency A/C Repairs

Don’t worry if your A/C malfunctions in the heat of summer. Emergency air conditioner repairs can be performed quickly, to restore your indoor comfort. If your air conditioner quits blowing cool air, then follow this guide to repair your system:

1. Troubleshooting

Most of the time, your emergency air conditioner repairs can be solved by just flipping a switch or changing the filter. So, before calling a technician for your repair, check the thermostat settings, the power, and the air filter. Troubleshooting yourself could restore cooling quicker and save you more money.

2. Turn off system

Shut your air conditioner down when performance issues arise. This includes lack of cooling, no airflow, sudden system noises, or even horrendous energy bills. Turning off the system can limit any more damage. If you operate your system when it is having performance issues would only worsen any damage.

3. Call for an Emergency A/C Repair

If all of your troubleshooting has no affect, then shut down your air conditioner and call in a professional. Most air conditioning or heating companies will provide an emergency repair service. They will typically dispatch a technician to solve your air conditioner problems quickly and efficiently.

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