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Geothermal Heating & Cooling System FAQs

We all want an efficient HVAC system to keep us comfortable in our homes. Previously, we went over some of the benefits associated with a geothermal heating & cooling system. If that didn’t answer all of your questions, we can help. Here, we’ve presented the answers to some FAQs for your convenience.

Do they affect the environment?

They reduce pollution in the environment. The only energy they use comes from the small amount of electricity they require to operate. Compare this to gas furnaces, which use combustion for energy, and you can see why geothermal proves the eco-friendly option.

How extensive maintenance do they need?

They require very little maintenance; the buried closed-loop lasts generations on its own when properly installed. Only the pump, fan and compressor need regular inspections.

Can I put a closed loop in a pond?

Depending on the size and depth of the pond, you could put your closed loop under it. Generally they will need to have at least a 6 foot depth.

Hopefully this proved informative. If you have more questions about geothermal heating and cooling systems, give Total Comfort Cooling & Heating a call for more information. You can reach one of our friendly team members at (478) 781-9107 for our Macon location or at (478) 275-4590 for our Dublin location.