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Have a Heater Inspection This Fall

Fall is here and winter is coming. You may feel comfortable enjoying this season and looking forward to the coming holidays, but you also want to be ready when winter hits. When is the last time you had your heating system inspected? Fall is a great time to make sure your heating system is functioning and have any maintenance done before the winter season hits. Call us today at (478) 781-9107 and schedule your heating system inspection and maintenance today.

Why Schedule a Heater Inspection

Just because your HVAC system seems to be running well, that doesn’t mean you should continue leaving it to run without checking on it. Heater maintenance should be part of your home care plan. Tune-ups help make sure you have good air quality, well-running parts, and extend the life of your HVAC system.

If your system is a gas heating system, for example, you want the connections, pressure, burners, and heat exchangers to be checked for efficiency and safety. Schedule a furnace inspection. Even if your winters are not terribly cold, you don’t want to be without heat suddenly, and in need of emergency HVAC repairs that could be expensive. Unnoticed wear and tear on your heating system is also dangerous. Don’t risk your comfort and safety; if you haven’t had your heating system inspection done in a long time, call for one before the seasons change again.

Have a Heater Inspection This Fall. Call Us!

At Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC, we know HVAC systems. Call us at (478) 781-9107 today to schedule your heater inspection and be ready to enjoy the coming winter.