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How Much Radiant Floor Heating Do I Need?

Radiant Floor Heat Benefits

  • Energy Efficient Most normal furnaces have to get hot enough to push hot air through the ductwork. High-efficiency furnaces heat up to approximately one-hundred and ten degrees to one-hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit. Radiant floor heating only has to heat the air up to approximately eighty degrees Fahrenheit for it to function properly. The less effort it uses to heat the air, the less energy it uses, the less you have to pay on your electric bill. Most units are also adjustable so that you can choose to heat high-traffic areas and neglect less-used rooms like the guest room.
  • Safe This method of home-heating doesn’t carry any of the same risks as other methods. There’s no natural gas that can leak and impact your health or explode.
  • Space The radiant floor heat system doesn’t have a unit to store somewhere. It leaves all of your floor space available for other uses, like entertaining or storage. Most people ignore the fact that no actual exposed unit also means fewer problems in another way. There’s no way your unit could fail and start making incredibly loud noises. While it’s true the installation raises the floor just slightly, the saved floor space should be more than enough to make up for the issue.
  • Versatile As mentioned previously, it can be manipulated to heat only the high-traffic areas of the home. In addition to this, the control panel is easy to use and located above ground for easy access. It also works with virtually any type of flooring material, but thick concrete floors will increase your electric bill over time.