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How To: Check Your Air Ducts

Wasted Energy

Your air ducts are an extremely important part of your heating and cooling system. When they are damaged, leaking or improperly insulated they can cost you countless dollars in wasted energy. Proper upkeep of your air ducts can prevent this energy waste.

Check out our quick guide on how to check your air ducts.

1. Inspect the Ducts

The first step to ensure you have efficient air ducts is to inspect the exterior of the ducts. Find all the places your ducts join. Are there any broken seals? Any sections that are no longer connected fully? Also inspect the air ducts visually for any small or large holes. These holes will need to be sealed up or they will be an energy drain on your home.

Next, inspect the interior of the ducts as best as you can. Use a flashlight to do a visual inspection. Look for signs of dirt buildup (which indicates you need a duct cleaning). Also check for any signs of pest invasion. It is not uncommon for animals such as mice to take up residence in air ducts, especially during cooler months.

2. Check the Insulation

After you have inspected the duct system itself, take a look at the insulation. Are your ducts properly insulated? If your attic or basement is lacking insulation, consider installing insulation in both the walls and around your duct system. Insulation will protect you from further energy loss.

3. Ask for Help

If you do find holes or broken seals in your duct system it may be time to call in a professional. Duct repairs can be tricky and further damage can be done if the repair work isn’t properly performed. You can contact a local HVAC tech to aid you. This also will allow for a deeper inspection of the system. Professionals have specialized cameras and equipment that allows them to inspect your air duct system thoroughly.

Remember, through proper maintenance of your HVAC system you can cut down your utility bills drastically. Give us a call today if you need assistance with air duct upkeep at (478)781-9107 . We will be happy to help you learn how to check your air ducts.