Heating and Air Conditioning in Macon, GA

Save Money on Heat this Winter

Winter is here. With all the joy it can bring, there are a few annoyances, like utility bills. You’ll probably experience a spike no matter what you do as you run your heater to keep things comfortable at home. That spike doesn’t have to drain your bank account, however. Try these tips to save money on heat this winter.

Check Weatherstripping and Insulation

The cooler the home, the harder your heater will have to work. You need to make sure that your home is as protected as possible from incoming cold air. Check the weatherstripping on your windows and indoors. Check for air leaks in other openings, too. If you haven’t had your home’s insulation checked, do so. The attic insulation is particularly important; the heat in your home rises. If there is not enough insulation up there, you’ll lose much of that heat your HVAC system is producing.

Leave the Thermostat Alone

There are many methods for controlling the temperature in your home and saving energy. One of them is to find a temperature that is comfortable, set it, and then leave it alone. When you change the thermostat setting, your heating system works for you. But it takes power every time you do that. Instead, choose something, leave it, and then be flexible. When you need a little extra warmth, dress a little more warmly, or use a blanket, but don’t mess with the thermostat.

Lift the Shades

Even if it’s cold outside, if there is good sunshine, that can warm up a room significantly. Lift those shutters and shades and let the sun in to get some extra heat. It won’t cost you a thing.

These tips and more will help you save money on heat this winter. If you need someone to help you and your HVAC system get through the season, call us at (478) 781-9107 for heating and cooling services in Macon, GA, and the surrounding areas.