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Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Company: Criteria for Success

Customer Service


HVAC companies, much like any other service provider, stand out when they provide exquisite customer service. When you contact a company, you should do so with expectations of a timely response, welcoming discourse, and complete transparency–and these expectations should be met tenfold. You can trust your gut to make the right call about a particular company following the first initial interaction. The best-of-the-best air conditioning companies will be prepared to answer all of your questions in a reasonable timeframe, with complete honesty and create polite, enjoyable interactions. Should any of these things ring untrue about a particular company, move on down the line.


Testimonials and Reviews


Do your research before retaining an HVAC company! Clients, both past and present, are increasingly inclined to write online reviews following a service–some companies even offer incentives for such. This being said, if a company has accumulated a majority of negative reviews, always proceed with caution. A single bad experience out of a hundred great reviews is not the end of the world, but go with your gut on this, too–it’s easy to see the repetition amongst online testimonies. You can pretty much guess what the quality of service you will receive will look like.




Referrals are, as always, the best way to find the most reliable air conditioning company in your network. Ask your friends and coworkers which companies they have used in the past, and determine which company gets the most votes. A formal referral is also a common practice, which might get you and the referring party a few perks or even discounts from the company they led you to. This can also be a great way to establish rapport with an HVAC company right off the bat, especially if they are a small, locally-operating business. 

Another less common but equally acceptable option is to ask the company you are vetting for customer referrals. They will likely direct you to a past or present customer who can provide some perspective-specific answers to any concerns you may have as you sort out your decision of whether to hire the company or not.




Unfortunately, there are more companies than we’d like to tell you out there presenting themselves as insured, licensed, and experienced air conditioning companies, yet are not. At Total Comfort, we believe that as a paying customer, you deserve to know that your service provider is completing the job to a certain standard–and credentials are more or less a certificate of proof that they have received the necessary education on how to achieve such standards. As you shop around for the best air conditioning company in your area, take notice of the companies who offer their licensing and insurance information without explicit inquiry, and ask those who don’t to provide it before deciding to enlist their service.




This may seem like an obvious portion of the criteria when it comes to deciding on the best air conditioning company, but we’re here to address it nonetheless. While shopping around and comparing HVAC companies might prove tedious, it is certainly a necessary practice in order to obtain a complete picture of the highest quality of service offered. The best air conditioning company will be reasonably and transparently priced, consistent with the quote they provide, and straightforward when it comes to project expectations. Trustworthy air conditioning companies will not run up your bill or tack on additional costs as a project progresses; they will be well-versed in the practices and complexities and will give you an informed estimate.


Diversified Approach


Amateur air conditioning and HVAC companies can be spotted very quickly by their willingness to offer a one-size-fits-all approach for all homes. A diamond in the rough is a company that will thoroughly inspect your home to identify the proper solution for YOUR home and explain this to you in detail. An air conditioning company with years of experience and quality service recognizes that each home comes with its own unique set of requirements.

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