Heating and Air Conditioning in Macon, GA

What’s Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning can help remove contaminants like pollen and other allergens, which may improve your home’s overall air quality. If cleaning reduces dust and contaminants, will air duct cleaning remove mold? The short answer to this question is also, “Yes.” Anytime you have a problem with moisture build-up, which may occur if your HVAC system is malfunctioning, there’s a risk of mold growth. Air duct cleaning will remove mold spores that can affect your health.

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How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Because your air ducts are hidden away, you might not be aware of problems like clogs that will require them to be cleaned. Below are some typical signs indicating your air ducts need to be cleaned.

  • Air filters that haven’t been changed: If you haven’t changed your air filter in more than a month, dust and debris can get trapped in the vents.
  • Vent covers and registers have visible dust: Excessive dust from the ducts builds up on vent covers and registers.
  • Mold detected in or around HVAC system: If there has been a problem with moisture build-up it may cause mold to grow.
  • Inconsistent airflow: If the airflow is different from room to room, your ducts could be clogged and dirty.
  • Noises in ductwork: Other than the sound of the blower fan and airflow, there should be no unusual noises coming from the air ducts.

Is cleaning air ducts worth it?

You may wonder, “Is duct cleaning a waste of money?” Cleaning your air ducts has many benefits, not the least of which is that it can improve household air quality. Duct cleaning will remove pollen and other allergens that may be trapped inside the air ducts, along with dust and other debris. Any mold spores that can affect health are also removed. Additionally, when dust and dirt build up in your air ducts and cause blockages, it creates a fire hazard. 

Duct cleaning is also beneficial to your HVAC system overall. It will improve its performance and help it operate more efficiently. When your heating and cooling system operates efficiently, it puts less strain on the system, which keeps it from using too much energy. In the long run, the improved energy efficiency will save you money on your utility bills. So, not only is duct cleaning beneficial, it can save you money in the long term.

If you are having problems maintaining your home’s energy efficiency, one place to check is your roof. If your roof has curled, cracked or missing shingles, not only are you at risk of leaks, roof damage can affect ventilation. Shingle roof repair will be necessary to ensure your home’s energy efficiency is maintained.

Is duct cleaning messy?

If the duct cleaning is performed by professionals like those at Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC there should be no mess. Professionals will have the skills and tools that will prevent any messes. Although most states do not regulate air duct cleaning, professionals will have credentials, such as membership in the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, or NADCA. Professionals will also have tools like an air duct cleaning machine that has special hoses and brushes that won’t damage ductwork or create any messes in your home. Beware of duct cleaning services that are unable to provide you with credentials. While they may not create a mess in your home, they may cause serious damage to your ducts or your HVAC system. 

Beware of cleaners that make offers that sound too good to be true. These unscrupulous services often offer a low rate for a full cleaning, and then tack on more charges for unnecessary services or extra fees for different lines or levels of service. You could end up paying thousands of dollars for a service that was initially supposed to be less than $100. It’s these services that are also most likely to damage your system, and are the type of services you may never hear from again.

One thing you can be assured of when it comes to duct cleaning in Macon, GA, you never have to worry about the skills or credentials of the professionals at Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC. Our technicians are some of the best available. You can schedule services with us by calling 478-781-9107.