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Winter’s Coming: How To Prep Your Furnace

Winter is coming just around the corner. Most of us in Macon, GA is starting to think about those colder temperatures and seasonal shifts. Wondering if it is time to kick your furnace on yet? We know it can be a quick flip of the switch for some of us, however, making sure you complete the proper maintenance for your furnace can save your home pain in the long run. We have assembled a quick checklist for you on prepping your furnace for the oncoming cold.

Furnace Prep Checklist:

  1. Always Change Your Filter – Your air filter works hard to keep your air breathable and safe for you and your family. Make sure you change it for a new one between seasons.
  2. Check Your Furnace For Any Debris And Dust – Debris could hinder your furnace from working properly. It is important to make sure this is cleared away before starting your furnace up.
  3. Change Your System From Cooling To Heating – On most thermostats, this is a quick flip of the switch!
  4. Assess Your Windows – While your furnace will be working hard to keep your home warm this winter, we do not want it working any harder than it has to. Check your windows to see if there are any drafts and if repair or replacement may be necessary.
  5. Have A Specialist Inspect Your Furnace And Chimney

Having a specialist inspect your furnace will ensure any and all problems or remediable issues will be fixed quickly. Your furnace needs to last you through all winter, and that is just what we want it to do! If you need a furnace inspection, call Total Comfort Cooling & Heating LLC today at (478) 781-9107!