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Your Attic’s Important Role in Home Energy Efficiency

When you think about home energy efficiency, you probably think about light bulbs and expensive appliances, such as:

  • Your Water Heater
  • The Washing Machine
  • Your Entertainment System
  • and Other Daily Used Tools

While these all play a significant role in your daily energy consumption, your HVAC system actually takes top spot for energy usage. Almost 50% of your electricity and gas consumption occurs in your heating and cooling systems. 

Improved Air Ducts Will Prevent Energy Waste by Preserving Conditioned Air.

Common Sources of Waste

That means that any way you can make your HVAC unit more efficient will have a huge long-term effect on your energy bills! The inverse is also true; whatever causes your air conditioner or heater to run longer will waste a lot of money. This is where we come to the attic, one of the most critical areas of energy waste in your home. There are three key places that many homes could use drastic improvement in: duct work, insulation, and the roof.

How Can I Make My House More Energy Efficient?

The roof plays an important role in ventilating your attic and reflecting sunlight. It also keeps unwelcome pests out! The soffit (the underside of the roof beyond the wall) has vents that allow heat to excess escape from your attic. Make sure these are kept clean and unobstructed. Also, protect your shingles from critters who dislodge shingles and open up holes in your roofing. Obviously, this isn’t as much of a problem with denser roofing systems, such as metal roof shingles.

Next, consider adding more insulation into your attic. Poor insulation allows conditioned air to escape and forces your HVAC system to run longer and more frequently. The costs of new insulation will almost always be paid back in savings within a few years. 

Finally, have your air ducts carefully examined for signs of air leaks. Holes, tears, and other degradation in your ducts leads to extensive energy waste and faster part degradation in your HVAC system. If your ducts are too damaged, consider installing more efficient pathways for your air conditioning.

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