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Is Geothermal Heating Worth It

When you choose geothermal heating as your primary source of heating and cooling for your home, it is likely that you have put a lot of thought and research into that decision. You have asked the right questions and read all of the reviews, typed in “geothermal heating for house” and read everything there has to offer, but how do you fully decide if geothermal heating is right for you? If you have just started your research, this is a great place to start so that we can answer all of your questions in one place. Let’s start off by introducing what a geothermal heat pump is. Geothermal heat pumps are used for heating, cooling, and heating your water, all in one. The way that they work is by taking the heat that is in the ground and transferring it into the home. These systems can cut your energy bill by 65% (woah) because your HVAC system isn’t having to work as hard to produce heat, the heat pump will be doing all the work for you. This system has been used for a very long time and has been extremely effective.

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Geothermal Heating vs Gas

There are some major differences between geothermal heating and gas, one being that geothermal is using energy that us already there and gas would be having to generate the heat itself. This is what plays a big role in the energy that you are being saved. The two systems also cost a lot different as well. For example, having a heating system installed in your home may cost you between $5,000 to over $15,000, depending on the size of your home. A geothermal system may cost around $7,500, but after the cost of digging the trenches and installation, it can rise over $20,000. The difference here though is that you will make that money back in lower energy bills with geothermal heating, but you will not, with regular gas heating.

Common Questions

How much money can you save by using geothermal energy?

When you are looking at traditional HVAC systems and the way they operate, you can easily see how comparably, a geothermal heat pump would save a lot more money. When studied, it was shown that using geothermal as your energy source, you can save up to 65% more than you would if you were using traditional HVAC systems.

How long do geothermal systems last?

The parts of the system that go outside (ground loop), will last for 50 years or longer and the components that go inside, can last around 25 years. When you compare this to a regular furnace that will sometimes only get a good 15 years out of it, this is a great deal.

How well does geothermal heating work?

A geothermal heat pump works at around 400% at all times. When this is compared to a fuel furnace that works at 78-90%, it is easily seen which one is better. These systems are the most efficient heating systems out there and will save you the most money on your energy bill.

What are the pros and cons of geothermal heating?

The pros would be that they are extremely efficient and will work around 400% better than a traditional furnace. This is also renewable energy so it is good for you, good for the environment, and good for your energy bill. Your energy bill will reduce significantly. The cons would be that in order for this system to work, it will still require electricity. It also uses a lot of water and can be expensive to have installed.

Is geothermal heating and cooling worth it?

At the end of the day, that is up to the customer, but if your goal is to save money on your energy bill, this is a great solution. These systems will last a long time and produce a lot of heat and cool air for you. It pulls straight from the ground so it is an excellent energy saver and good for the environment too.

How deep do you dig for geothermal heating?

The trenches that are dug for this are usually around 4-6 feet deep and around 400 feet in length. 500-600 feet of piping is usually required for these types of systems. This is part of the reason why these systems can be very expensive.

Who installs geothermal heating systems?

You can call our company for help with geothermal heating. You always want to call a professional for this, that has experience and will be able to go over all of it with you, just as you would always talk to your roofer about the different types of gutters before you chose them to do the job. You can check out different heating and air conditioning companies or companies that specialize in going green, for price comparison.

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