Heating and Air Conditioning in Macon, GA

Save Money on your Heating Bill

As winter approaches, many of us face rising energy costs as a result of having to heat our homes. By following some of these heating tips, you can reduce your heating bill while also saving energy! The furnace is your home’s immediate source of heat so it is important that it is running properly. Regular maintenance on … Read more

How do solar panels work?

close up of blue solar panels

The use of solar panels are more common than what you might think. They are commonly used to power road signs, outdoor landscaping lights, and even spacecraft. But exactly how does a solar panel work in order to produce electricity? Solar panels are comprised of many small units called photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight into … Read more

How does a heat pump work during the summer?

illustration of how a heat pump works

All air conditioning systems and heat pumps depend on the refrigerants pressure temperature relationship. Like all liquefied gases, when refrigerant boils or evaporates, it absorbs heat at a very high rate. The refrigerant can be easily manipulated, since it has a lower boiling point than most liquids, so air at room temperature is the only … Read more

Indoor Air Pollution

When we think of air pollution, we think of it as something that affects the air outside. But the inside of our homes is just as vulnerable to pollution. Our homes should foster a clean and healthy atmosphere but not taking control of your indoor air quality can be damaging to your health. So what … Read more

The Basics of HVAC Maintenance

You car isn’t the only thing you should regularly have checked for maintenance. For whatever reason, many people often neglect to do any sort of maintenance to appliances like their heating and cooling systems. A little attention can go a long way, and it’s the little things that you can do at home that prevent … Read more

Common Causes of Indoor Allergies

black and white pollen image

A lot of people see their home as a refuge, but unfortunately, even when indoors, some people are still affected by allergies. There are a couple common causes of indoor allergies, and ways to deal with them. First and foremost is dust. Dust is like the indoor version of pollen in that it’s everywhere, and it’s going … Read more

Macon, GA Heating and Cooling

Total Comfort serves Macon, GA and the surrounding area to provide a great, professional service. We can install a new air unit, or repair the one you have. Whatever HVAC needs you have, you can count on Total Comfort to be up for the job. We like to make sure our customers are able to … Read more