Heating and Air Conditioning in Macon, GA

Does Cleaning Air Ducts Really Make a Difference?

Breath-In Fresher Air While the air conditioning or heating is what you see at the thermostat, the air filter, and the component outside your home, there is another important part. The air ducts, located in the attic, are the unseen component.  Just as the air filter needs to be changed or cleaned is important, so … Read more

Are Air Filtration Systems Worth It?

Why Are Air Filtration Systems Important? Maybe it’s a family member or an employee, or maybe it is you, with constant stuffy nasal and constant throat tickling cough. Regardless of who has the problems, it has been recommended to have an air filtration system installed. What Exactly is an Air Filtration System and How Does … Read more

What Kind of Thermostat Should I Buy?

Replacing Your Thermostat This is not the time of year in Macon, Georgia, for the air conditioning to quit! Summer is in full swing, after all. If your HVAC system is already not cooling as it should, and you’ve checked the air filter, you’ve had the HVAC professional out to inspect, and they do you … Read more

Can I Do My Own Duct Cleaning?

Taking Care of Your Ducts You don’t see them, but they are there, all over your home. We’re talking about the air ducts that keep the cool or warm air blowing into each room. And because you don’t see them, you probably don’t think about duct cleaning.  Most homeowners don’t, but they do get dirty and … Read more

Is duct cleaning a waste of money?

Understanding Duct Cleaning Changing the air filter on your HVAC system isn’t the only thing that keeps the air clean in your home. While it is important, something that is recommended every 30 days, air duct cleaning is a big part of having clean air inside your home.  How do I know if my air ducts need … Read more

Are Humidifiers Worth It?

Ease Your Comfort It’s often the case when climate drops that your home will feel a bit off. The wintertime can be very drying where extra lotion is often necessary with how much moisture is lost in the air. Although you can’t escape the air outside, you can ease the feeling inside of a property … Read more

Is Your AC Leaking?

black air conditioning unit

The AC in your home runs the game as far as how cool your house stays on a regular basis. This makes it one of the most important functions in your home. So if it ends up with an AC leak, you will want to get that taken care of right away. AC units can be … Read more

What Affects Indoor Air Quality

Its easy to get lost thinking about the poor air quality outside. Allergens floating around, hot thick humid air, and the threat of air born contaminates from nearby factories or car fumes is always a threat. We often hear air pollution being talked about on major new channels. Did you know that your indoor air … Read more

How Much Radiant Floor Heating Do I Need?

Is Radiant Floor Heating Worth It? Sometimes it’s difficult for people to decide how to heat their homes. While it doesn’t always get cold in this area, some winters are absolutely brutal. So when a cold front moves through town, you want a heating unit you can rely on. The most common heaters are natural … Read more

Your Heating System Maintenance Checklist

The Importance of Heating System Maintenance While Georgia may be a southern state, it still has a cold winter, which is why a heating maintenance checklist is important for any homeowner. If you’re a new homeowner, you may not be familiar with this process and ask, “What is heating system maintenance?” So, in our piece today, we’re … Read more

What is an HVAC thermostat?

Understanding the Basics of Your HVAC Thermostat Welllll… it looks like summer has arrived and is in full blast furnace mode here in Georgia! But already, folks are posting stuff on social media about how close Christmas is too! We’re already over the heat, and maybe your HVAC thermostat is too. You know what though? You’re going … Read more

Is Radiant Heating Cheaper Than Forced Air?

Are heated floors worth it? While most homes have the traditional HVAC systems for temperature controlling and comfort, another form of temperature control is fast becoming more popular. Radiant floor heating, or floor heating, is a popular and modernized way to efficiently keep your home at just the right temperature that you want. Being a … Read more